sunnuntai 31. maaliskuuta 2019

He pulled in one last breath and then was silent

The winter vanished quickly and didn't feel long like people always here complain. To me it felt too short time and I would have liked to capture much more winter pictures as I did, but need to face the painful truth that the spring is here. If I want find some positive facts about the new season is that there are again possible to move more efficiently by a bike and it's possible to wear something else on than combat boots. I can only imagine how my toes will suffer after the first high heels walk, but it's always after the winter. I'm way too scared to wear heels when the ground is covered with the ice. 
These pictures I took already a few weeks ago. Today I visited the place and there was only tons of water left. Blogging has been on the mind all the time, but somehow I have felt strange fatigue after the days so simply no energy to blog and also there has been a lot of other interesting activities available. But let's see if I pull myself together. At least there is again much more light at hand which makes blogging much easier. 
I fell in love with that long coat and I wish it was self made, but sadly no. And unfortunately I need to pack it to wait for the next winter therefore it's too warm to wear when the temperature is rising. 
This weekend was spent mostly at home. Nothing special, just a gym, small shopping round in the downtown, playing with the camera and reading the books. May sound toneless, but to me it was very fine. On Friday I fell asleep around 8pm and wandered in dreams about ten hours. What exhaustion? 

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