Monday, 12 November 2012

Darkness; my hiding place

Shirt: Diy
Corset: Diy
Skirt: Morticia

I'm glad the snow melt today so I can travel with my bike around the city and continue wearing heels!

Everything didn't go like I planned during the weekend. On Saturday night my dearest computer decided to stop running. I was installing Sims 3 but the software whined something that I should repair my operaiting system so I decided to clean up the windows and turn off the machine after that. Well that was a mistake; the machine didn't spring to life anymore.  This is the third broken laptop during the two year! So it really makes me to rip dreads out of my head. Today I bought an adapter so I can use a mini laptop which I bought being in England when the first machine decided to say goodbye. Yesterday my flat was so quiet that I almost heard my neigbour's thoughts when I wasn't able to listen to the music. (But somehow it felt a freedom to live without computer, should try it more often but I'm just too addicted unfortunately.)

Now I start to plan how to dress on wednesday's  Christmas party.


  1. Christmas party... wait what?:D

    1. Oh yeah! It's good to be in time sometimes ;)