Friday, 16 November 2012

Wandering in the sleep

                                                                   Friday's outfit
Bolero: Diy | Corset: Diy   | Skirt: Diy  |  Shoes:Pennangalan  | Belt:Second Hand  |  Hairband: Diy
I have been nearly a sleep walker during the day.  We were watching the last part of Breaking dawn the last night and I slept only a few hours thanks for the noisy caretaker who woke me up  too early. I was near to step out of the door and going to whine; this just happen too often that they are making a noise early in the morning. I don't spekulate the film more. People just like it or no but I had been waiting for seeing the last part even I knew it won't be the masterpiece. Should read the books again when just have extra time.

Happy weekend for all! I try to wake up going to my friend's party.


  1. Oh, aika huisi kokonaisuus. Jäin nyt vaan tuijottaan tota kuvaa, se on ihana!