Saturday, 5 January 2013

The White Stripes

Today I wrapped around myself the dearest pullover of this moment. Stripes never deceive. Those velvet leggings have become dear as well.
 Shirt: Seppälä //  Leggings: Lindex   // Shoes: Vagabond  // Necklace: Cybershop

Last days I have considered to rip dreads off to get the massive traditional goth haircut. (Lovely funeral pillbox hats are waiting...) I have had this same hair over five years which is a long time so some change could be more than welcome. I would like to also wear hats but with this head it's impossible. Long backcombed hair is just haunting in my mind so let's see what happens. I don't even remember how it feels to comb hair.  I'm just a bit scared what if I regret it later but on the other hands I can always put dreads back or use the fake ones. It just knows a lot work to rip the rest of the knots off but now I would have time to do that.


  1. I can feel your fear for that! It must be a huge work to sort the dreads out. Do you have to cut of the lenght as well? My 8 year old son have very fine hair and he tend to get dreads naturally, ha ha on a spot on top of his head :). Well using a comb is pointless so I tried a hairbrush for babies. It is a small very soft brush but it is great to use on impossible knots, I have actually started to use it myself. If you are going to cut the dreads of you could save them to do loose dreads of them. I make mine in sheep wool and dye them black with hair dye and braid them in. Good luck with your plans and I look forward to see how it will become :)

    1. Yes it knows work because I'm going to dismantle them as much as I can. My hair is gonna be about 10-15cm lenght which means that I will take hair extension until my own hair is a long enough; it takes roughly five years :D Could try that hairbrush! I was thinking of saving dreads to keep them later :>

  2. Aina niin nättinä ja kuvauksellisena