Monday, 7 January 2013


I got a huge inspiration which is always a good thing. Last night I designed the collection and today I have updated my websites. I try to release them as soon as possible.

Day's outfit
Dress:  //  Scarf: H&M   // Hairband: Diy  // Leggings: Lindex  // Bag: Restyle

I'm addicted to watching Roswell, do you remember that series?I found it on Netflix and now I have watced almost the first season through. Nice change for vampires. I have always been interested in ufo stories (like other supernatural things aswell) since I was a kid so it doesn't surprise this series was my favourite when I was a teen. I probably spend the rest of the night in Roswell ;) Good night! (If a small punk rocker lives in your heart and you didn't watch Kovasikajuttu today it can be viewed  on Areena. I watched it last year and I recommend)


  1. Have you seen Fringe or x-files!? excellent series!:D You can find the hole x-files at netflix!:)

    1. X-files is excellent! I have the first season as own :)