Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mourning dress

Dress, Bolero, Hat: Diy ; Shoes: Dinsko

Last night I made a pillbox hat on a whim. I haven't made hats or any head accessories before so this is very amateurish and not the perfect one. We had a hat course in school but unfortunately I missed it because I was in exchange when it was arranged. It's a pity because I would have liked to take part of it. Anyway I'm pretty happy with the result if regarding that this is the first I have ever made and I made it  without any instructions, experience or tools which the hat makers ordinarily use. The hat is made of black velvet. I like a lot of head accessories and hats. I think finnish people don't wear the headpieces so much if not counting the awful winter skicaps or the caps in summer time. 

We visited rounding the city centre today and I did the new findings in the flea market, but I'll come to those findings later. Then I found the bottle of color mask while visiting Sokos. I have heard about this product before but I was pretty sure it is not sold in Savonlinna but obviously I was wrong. This is meant to redheads to keep the red color longer lasting. I hope this works and maintains my red color!


  1. Tosi upea asu!:) Tuo Color Mask on kyllä tosi hyvä keksintö, saa hyvin ylläpidettyä väriä ja mikä parasta, korjaa vaurioituneita hiuksia. Kesällä tuosta sarjasta tuli myös musta :P

    1. Hyvä tietää, jos tämä toimii ja hyvä että on tullut myös mustalle värille omansa :P

  2. Love your outfit! I just discover your blog and I think I'll come here more often ;)