Monday, 4 March 2013

Diy projects!

Dress and skirt which I made during the last week. I have murmured for a long that I don't have the basic blouses so here is a new one which goes well under the corsets too. Material is stretch satin which feels comfortable to wear. The skirt is made of duchess satin and the same lace which I used also in the dress which I introduced here a couple weeks ago. If I'm making a new pieces of clothing in this speed, my flat is soon filled with the new garments (and the truth is I don't seriously need them more..) Some desperate urge for the new corsets is beating inside me even if I have at least ten specimens in my wardrobe and it would be nice to get a new spring coat aswell..

The weekend was not the best. Somehow my mind set was low and I didn't do just anything. Friday was okay, I saw my friends and we visited bars. Saturday was the worst, my mind was such a melancholy and the day passed in the shadows. I was interested in nothing. Yesterday I forced myself to go swimming. I have a lot of time in hands now and I have also a lot of things to do but somehow sometimes is difficult to decide where to start. I have lived so many years according to the schedules that someone else has set for me; now when I'm free to set them myself it's too complicated. Maybe I should trust in intuition.