tiistai 20. toukokuuta 2014

The heat

The summer appeared and the clothes lightened up. I was wearing my new strapless top yesterday. It looks good, but wearing it is a bit awkward because I'm not used to it (I'm afraid it trickles down even if it stays up really well due to the elastic band.)

It was really warm day here yesterday and it even thundered a bit in the evening which was awesome. I love thunder so let's hope it will storm more over the summer. The heat isn't such a nice thing, I mean if it's too hot like yesterday it was. I feel sick really easily and I can't eat because my appetite always disappears when it's too hot and that knows problems. I'm happy that my flat is quite chilly. 
 My Photoshop stopped running yesterday. It claims that I don't have a licence to use it which is a bit weird because I have used that same version nearly ten years! It has always worked well without any problems until now. Fortunately I managed to get the new version immediately which is actually more professional as the old one. I was already in a flat spin because I had to edit important pictures yesterday.

4 kommenttia:

  1. You look so glamourous, Suski! I wish I could walk in shoes like that D:

  2. love this outfit so much! this is what I wore like almost everyday last month, and those shoes!there is nothing better like a nice high heel, and they look pretty comfy as well / Claire xxx