torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

She Talks to Rainbows

Hello! It's a day off and a really grey and rainy day, I love it! I'm immediately productive when the burning heat is gone and the weather is fresh. 
Monday's outfit. A belly shirt is new and the shorts as well. 
 I've sewn recently a bunch of new clothes. Here are the new spiky shorts which I made the last week. Like I already mentioned before, I noticed the last summer that the shorts are quite nice so I decided to make the other pair myself. 
On Monday we visited a new second hand store which is situated near to my place and the place was actually pretty good, or at least we both made nice findings. I bought the suspenders even if I'm not sure are they 'my thing'. I was five-years-old when I last wore them. 
Ramones shirt was so cheap that I had to take it. It goes well for instance while jogging. 
Decor things There can't be too many candle salvers. 

6 kommenttia:

  1. You gotta love second hand shopping! Those candle holders are very pretty, I have so many already but you can never have too many...

  2. Ohh nuo shortsit on tosi hienot! Piikkeineen kaikkineen :D
    Ja hoo, henkselit voisi ollakkin tosi mielenkiintoinen lisä asuun!

    1. Kiitos :P Mä olen harkinnut henkseleiden ostoa jo pitkään, mutta eipä ole aiemmin tullut vastaan. Nyt nämä tuli huimalla 50snt hintalapulla, joten lähtivät mukaan :P