torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

Chiffon top

More chiffon clothes! This top is adorable. I bought this after Christmas and it goes well in the summer. I love the cutting and the light effect. The chiffon is obviously my favorite material during the summer. 
I've had an odd positive mindset today (well, usually I'm pessimistic or at least the other people say so even though I consider myself realistic). However I've made some new future plans and the future looks much better now. There is coming the new winds possibly if everything goes like I've planned. I'm just that kind of person that I want to proceed in my life all the time otherwise I'll get bored and that doesn't know good. Recently my mind has been empty and I haven't had many future plans, but now when I have a goal where to aim at everything looks better. 
Today I became inspired and so I grabbed a pen to my hand and here is the result:
The work has been made with markers.
I decided  not to go to Tuska festival this year. The weather is so wayward that I'm not so excited to attend there. A few days back I got all wet while coming home from the city. A cruel downpour surprised me and of course I forgot to take my umbrella. It's so cold that it would be boring to stand outdoors for hours especially if it rains. 

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  1. You look stunning! :)

    x Dawn

  2. I just came across your blog by accident, but I followed it immediately! :D Love your style - you're beautiful. And now I'm going to browse around a bit. ^_^

  3. Love this outfit! <3 You look great in this haircut :)