keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2014

and the sun does not rise any longer

Day's look
Dress: second hand / Tights: Lindex / Bag: Second hand / Shoes: Vagabond
Asymmetrical tunic which I found in a flea market the other day. I love all asymmetry right now a lot and I have already snaffled  numerous treats into my closet. These cross tights are a nice detail, unfortunately I managed to do a small hole to these today, what a shame!

6 kommenttia:

  1. I love your outfit so much. I wish I could find a tunic like that!
    Those tights are so pretty.

    1. Keep your eyes open, asymmetrical garments are fashion now so you can find them easily!

  2. I love the layers, Asymmetrical is super in right now! time to stock up aha!