perjantai 8. elokuuta 2014

Tube scarf

This week I purchased a tube scarf which I've wanted for long, but for some reason I haven't found suitable specimen before this. This is huge and that's why I love it and it makes me look like Muslim which is a bit hilarious. I wait for autumn to come. I've watched for the past days some lovely autumn clothes and I would like to get some wine red cardigan or poncho. I've also designed a few sewing projects in my mind so it'll be seen when I get them implemented.
This week has been quite lazy so to speak. Evenings have been spent by playing Sims three or watching the series: Orange is the new black which is by the way much better as I assumed! I actually saw the both seasons and having heard that the next season will be released the next year my face turned sad. I recommend it if you like the prison series. One afternoon me and my beloved ordered pizzas and we headed to the beach to eat them and I also went to swim. Water isn't so warm anymore, but it's really refreshing. So this was my week in a nutshell. Yes and I also did pole dancing. I've kept a break with it over the summer, but now I try to shape up and start training regularly. 

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  1. Your photos are beautiful, you make me think about Arwen ^_^

  2. Well that scarf is absolutely gorgeous!
    I have yet to watch Orange is the new black, but my vacations are over... so maybe I'll wait 'till winter.
    Beautiful pictures as usual ♥

  3. Oi että oot niiiiin malli ♡
    Sua vois luulla paljon pidemmäksi, kun olet niin siro!

    Ihana tuubihuivi, en itsekään ole oikein sopivaa löytänyt ja sellaisen käyttö tuntuu jotenkin oudolta, eikä se istu. Ehkä omalle kohdallekin vielä sattuu tuollainen massiivisen ihana huppumainen ihanuus. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Enkö ole vielä 173cm pitkä :D

      Joo, mäki olen kokeillut aiemmin sellasia pienempiä huiveja ja ne ei jotenkin istu kivasti, mutta tämä oli ihan super nice ^^

  4. Senkin upeus aah<3 Mulla on kans ollu tarkotus hommata ties kui kauan tuubiliina, eiköhän se täs tuu aikaseks hommattua ku sun omas on nii mmm<3

  5. Hey

    do you have either personal FB or a FB page?


  6. Mistä tuo huivi on peräisin? Ihanan massiivinen yksilö! :)

  7. nice place nice bedroom, pole dancing that is awesome-paul