Thursday, 13 November 2014

I desire the things which will destroy me in the end

Busy days seems to be here after a calm weekend, but let's jump a few days back. Last weekend I wrapped me inside a blanket. I burned too many candles and I lit my new Christmas lights which I bought a week ago. I read Stephen King's novel Carrie and I watched  through a window how the snow melted away. I booked flights and hotels to the next spring. I enjoyed the Finnish post-punk notes and I tried to understand how adjectives bend in German language. Then Monday appeared and since that I've ran like a headless chicken. But it's not a bad thing. Mostly I feel  more productive when there are tight schedules displaying directions. 

We visited watching Nick Cave's 20, 000 Days On the Earth today and it was something that I could recommend for everyone who likes Cave's music. I nearly started to pat during the film (even more as once) because it was such a powerful show. I still a bit regret that I didn't go to see him over a year ago when he visited Helsinki. Let's hope that they will come again in the future and I definitely want to re-watch the film. His music is something that I really love. 

"I used to be a music teacher until I met heroin"


  1. Ihanan synkät kuvat~ Leffa näyttää kyllä jänskältä, pitää kyllä katsaista jos siihen tulloo mahdollisuus! :)

  2. Kiitos ^^ Suosittelen, toivottavasti saan itsekki tämän jostain käsiini :>

  3. Love your makeup in this one!
    I saw 20,000 days on earth this week too! I wrote a review about it in my blog, cried in the film as well as it was so touching! I love Nick Cave, he has been a huge inspiration for me too :)

    1. I like this makeup as well, it goes well now in the fall.

      He really is inspirational and so artistic. His music and style is something awesome. I want to re-watch the film asap!