Friday, 6 February 2015

Awakening from apathy

Coat: Queen of Darkness, Skirt: Second hand, Leggins: Lindex, Shoes: Skopunkten, Bag: H&M

My Wednesday's outfit. We were going to a flea market with my other half and I asked him to take a pic from me. And this time my hair was up! Most people have told me that I should keep my hair up more often. The truth is that I keep them up really often for instance always at work because I don't want that the hair is hanging in front of my eyes. Last summer I bought a hair bun ring donut which is awesome. It's quickly to set up and the hair stays up nicely. Probably I will buy a smaller version of it later so that I can try different hairdos. 
I found a lovely black lace dress from the flea market and I nearly bought the boots until I changed my mind. My vestibule is filled with the shoes so I try to limit myself a bit. Those boots would have been nice, the wedges with a lacing, but the material was cheap fake leather which was a bit worn out and the legs were too loose to my shanks.  


  1. I love your hair up, it enhances your beautiful features! :)

  2. So elegant! <3

  3. piti ihan kahdesti katsoa että kukas tuo on, en muista että olisin nähnyt yhtään kuvaa missä sulla olis hiukset kiinni :D Sopii ihan hemmetin hyvin kuitenkin, sulla on tosi kauniit kasvot!

    1. Heh, kyllä täällä muutamia kuvia taitaa olla, mutta lienee aika harvassa ;) jostain syystä kuviin haluan aina hiukset auki