Saturday, 14 February 2015

Heart shaped thoughts

Friday 13th came up and to my delight nothing unpleasant happened, actually I think that yesterday was the best day of a week so far. Otherwise the week has been quite burdensome. A few ponderous days at work which makes me think of my future's path again, but not more about it. I'll trust that my intuition will lead me to the right direction. 

I paid a visit to the cinema yesterday. Fifty shades of grey got its premiere  in Finland yesterday and my afternoon blazed emptiness so I decided to go to see this so expected film and I need to admit that I liked it although such a many people have told me that the whole story sucks and it's just a soft porn with no sense or a copy of Emmanuelle. From my point of view the film was well managed and stylish as a whole.  I hadn't read the books beforehand, but after the movie I headed to a bookstore to buy the first part of a trilogy. I have regarded these books many times at the bookstore, but somehow I have left them always to the store. Light fantasy literature is welcome to fill my evenings especially after work when the brains just want to turn in and the mind wants to escape the substance. I understand that some people can't stand the whole subject, but for those I just recommend to pass it. Have you seen the movie or read the books? What do you think of it?

A reason for this post is simple, I want to wish you all dark souls and other creators happy Valentine's day! I had today an ordinary workday and in the evening I'll head to the bar with my beloved. There is some gig and I don't have any idea of the band.

Happy Valentine's day!


  1. Täytyy kyl kysyä, saatat olla maininnutkin... Mutta missä olet töissä? Josss saa kysyä. :D
    Hyvää ystävänpäivää! ^^

    1. En ole asiaa täällä maininnut ja jätän sen nytkin salaisuudeksi ;)

  2. Soooo pretty <3