Sunday, 2 August 2015

Kun mä kuolen niin te ette löydä mua enää ikinä

(title translated: When I die you will not find me ever again)

On Friday evening after arriving at home I headed for Vastavirta to see two really good bands named Lasten hautausmaa and Murheen laakso. I haven't see them before so the event was remarkable chance to see two Finnish alternative bands and to get to hear their gloomy songs. The place was sold out beforehand so it was luck that we realized to get our tickets well in advance. Atmosphere was good and when Murheen Laakso started to play their last gig forever, people packed in front of the stage. To end up with the gig a bassist threw his bass over the audience and a guitarist dived into the people. 

Today me and my boyfriend decided to walk to Tahmela where was arranged Pispala Folk- event. We watched Dave Lindholm's gig and walked back to the city. Quite melodic weekend so to speak. 

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