Wednesday, 12 August 2015


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We went to see Amy Winehouse's documentary on Monday afternoon and I decided to put on something from Queen of Darkness until I realized that my whole outfit was consisted of their clothes except the shoes of course (they are from New Look).  A top is actually a dress, but this time I wanted to wear it more as the top. The hem is such a short that I felt more comfy this way. The dress is really sweet, but I think that I should work out more that the dress would fit me better ;D. I would like to see how it turns out on different body types. The back is the best thing in this piece. Link here to see a picture when I forgot to turn around. Hotpants are a perfect everyday garment in the summer time. Those bondage straps are removable which is useful. 

... and the movie. It was really good as I had heard. I need to admit that I knew just a few songs from Amy before I went to see the film, but during these two days I have listened to her more and became more familiar with her. Second thing I need to admit that I hated her voice years ago when she popped up, but my opinion has changed since those days and I need to find that her voice was awesome. For me a whole lady represented just a rich junkie who passed away at the age of 27. However I wanted to go to see the movie in addition to that I was heard it's good, but also because I wanted to see what else this woman was than just a junkie. I'm sure I will re-watch this later when I get it to my hands. The movie felt so authentic and touching. It included a lot of video material and interviews from her related party. I recommend to give it a try although you wouldn't be a fan or anything.