Friday, 13 November 2015

Days far away

Hola dear followers!  I've returned back to Finland that bathes in a black veil of coming winter. A voyage of mine was filled with joy and east of mind from everything which surrounds me in my daily life. To be honest I'd have liked to stay longer away. Not even a burning heat didn't give a rise a homesick. But all wonderful ends at some point and it's time to start planning the new adventures. It's possible that I will do a short trip somewhere abroad before WGT. Traveling fever obviously inhabits in me although turbulence almost made me swear that I won't fly never again. 

I keep this post as short. I feel so exhausted after being at work two long days. Returning back to daily life is never easy. 

Have a great weekend and Friday 13th! I try to return to blog in a better time. ( I got a new laptop as birthday gift and I should install all necessarily softwares for it. Blogging gets easier when the new dear runs quicker.)


  1. Olet kuin joku mystinen prinsessa. :) Maksimekko sopii sinulle!

  2. Thanks for sharing some holiday pictures. Beautiful times always pass too fast but thinking about the next getaway is a good start. I'm doing the same, when I return home I already plan the next 😊 or at least think about it. Hope you're still relaxed. Rommie

    1. I'm everything but relaxed, just too much work and never off :D but kind of it's my own fault. I'm waiting for yule vacation then I have three weeks lasting holiday <3