Sunday, 22 November 2015

Scent of snow

Just when I wrote to you how the dark nature looks stunning the scenery did change again by creating to itself a white cover. I had to take a few shots after my work shift yesterday so I walked to a nearby pond next to my workplace. During the night it snowed more and there is no hope to go work by bike anymore. Let's hope the snow doesn't melt away immediately. 
 Today I put on Queen of Darkness' buckle skirt which I've worn a lot during the fall. It's useful and goes well at the work or school. Shoes and shirt are findings from a flea market and a necklace is many years old and I don't remember from where I bought it.
Skirt: Queen of Darkness, Shirt: Second hand, Shoes: Second hand
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine went mostly at work and by sleeping. Last night I watched a few movies: Frozen and Maleficent which was better than I remembered. Frozen wasn't so good that people have let to understand, but it fit perfectly together with the season. 


  1. It hardly ever snows where i live...

  2. I like snow even though trafic is horrible during the first days. Again beautiful pictures.
    I think I have to visit Queen of Darkness site because I like the clothes you're wearing from them. Rommie ☺

    1. Same here but I don't need to travel by car so I don't suffer from traffic problems. We Finns always say "winter surprised us" although it comes every year and it shouldn't be a surprise. Still most people can't prepare for it.

      Go to check out their sites. Beautiful garments :)