Friday, 5 February 2016

Are we truly alone?

Hello finally after days of silence! I'm alive after influenza except there is still a bit cough left, but I was fit for work already the last weekend which I spent at work. This week has been so tough that I didn't have energy to open the blogger earlier. My studies proceeds and on Monday I started working with the people that are not in a good condition physically or mentally so all supernatural abilities are needed.  But here I'm now. One work shift to go and the weekend is off for once. 

Why no one told me that the new X-files episodes have appeared? I watched the first episode the last night and I'm hooked. I would like to have all season boxes and go the whole series through, actually I have the first season on my book case. The soundtrack of X-files is probably the most remarkable voice which I remember from the TV when I was a kid. I remember when my mom ran to switch off the TV each time when it started, but I watched it in secret. 
 Here is my outfit from Wednesday.  The new striped dress which I showed you a few post earlier is sweet, but it definitely needs some accessories like that belt. Otherwise it looks too thick. Absolutely a good workaday garment that will be worn a lot. 

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