torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

The Cure

A few words about the Cure concert which was about a week ago in Helsinki. Finally I got a chance to see my favorite band or should I say listen to their live show because we had quite a poor view from the back seats. This of course flattened a bit the atmosphere because I'm that  visual person that I always want to see what's going on on the stage and now we only saw that there is some people on the stage.. even those screens were fairly poor or the cameramen showed all the time the same view. I would have wanted the tickets to the floor, but even if I tried to be quick they managed to go. However the show was something once in a lifetime to me who has loved their music since I was a teen and dreamed for so many years that I could breath the same air with Robert...  The band played a lot of their pop songs which didn't surprise me at all, but fortunately they played also some my faves like: Forest, Lovesong, Burn and Disintegration. Though I like more their songs which involve melancholy and minor chords also those more happier pop songs worked fine. Robert's voice was still fresh even if the man has some years behind him. By the way my boyfriend saw the Cure already when they visited Finland the last time in the year 1996! I'm a bit  jealous to him about that experience. But I was nine-years-old those days and I wasn't even aware of the whole group. 
Albeit I'm not the best friend with arena shows the event will be one immemorial experience in my life. 

5 kommenttia:

  1. Sounds like it was a blast. I am going to see them next month, I waited so long for that.

  2. I'm seeing them in a week. Can't wait!

  3. That's so great! I'm still waiting for an opportunity to see them myself and hoping that one day the day will indeed come :)