perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2016

A new camera + outfit

I arrived at folks by a train today to spend Yule here as usual. A few days here and on Monday I will head back to home because I was asked for coming to work. Here is a day's reduced look:
An old knitting I found in a flea market years ago and that's became one of my favorite garment. 

Yule arrived actually already yesterday when a mailman brought me a gift which I ordered to myself. Those who follow me on Instagram know: A new camera! Canon Eos 6D and a quality zoom lens whittled away my bank account, but it's worth it. I have done a hell of a lot of work this year so I think I have deserved it. At first I thought that I open it at eve, but I wasn't able to keep myself in suspense. Now just need to find time to use it! I also have this crazy dream to get somewhere in the middle of Africa to take pictures about the wild nature. That just requires some arrangements like money and company. Maybe someday. 

What it comes to the spare time, I'm currently watching German language courses and I would like to attend one, but I'm a bit insecure if I have time or energy to go it through. The course begins in January and ends in April and it would take two hours in each week. Not a lot, but then again I have a school and a work and many other hobbies.. and some other plans for the coming year. Let's see. I have attended those courses before and I find them fairly useful to revive the old rusty skills. 

I wish you all happy Xmas now and I escape to eat some goodies and take sauna later today!

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  1. As always you look amazing! :) I always wanted a Camera like this but they are really expensive. But also the Best on the market. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with it.
    I wish you too a happy, and relaxing, christmas.

    1. Thank you <3 Yep the price is high, I have dreamed of this for ages and decided to buy it now until I waste my money to somewhere. My old zoom lens was so poor that I really needed better one and decided to by the whole camera then.