keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2016

Whispers of the wind

Yule days vanished as phantoms in the darkness and there is only a few days left until a year turns. My heart is brimming with a sense of adventure as for the coming year and my mind is open for all new. There is still some affairs in the mind that I want to learn to handle better though I feel a progression has happened a lot. Coming year can bring anything into a theater of life if I just let flow. 

I played with my new love over the Yule and I'm speaking of the new camera. It wasn't the best weather, actually quite stormy, but I managed to take outfit pictures outdoors and some pictures of nature. 

Otherwise those days were spent in all silence while eating too much and exercising not at all. I entertained myself by reading and watching comedy and playing Sims. Some gifts appeared as well though I didn't order anything. A new smaller suitcase which is needed, a gift card to a local vinyl store, money etc.  And I already spent some money on a heart rate monitor because a dad recommended to get that 'cause I exercise quite much these days. As a matter of fact it's quite fascinating to follow the values from the monitor and perhaps that increases motivation though my motivation has been very good recently (knock on wood). 

Hope you all had a nice Xmas and let's see if I have time to write another post until the year changes. 

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