Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Whispers of the wind

Yule days vanished as phantoms in the darkness and there is only a few days left until a year turns. My heart is brimming with a sense of adventure as for the coming year and my mind is open for all new. There is still some affairs in the mind that I want to learn to handle better though I feel a progression has happened a lot. Coming year can bring anything into a theater of life if I just let flow. 

I played with my new love over the Yule and I'm speaking of the new camera. It wasn't the best weather, actually quite stormy, but I managed to take outfit pictures outdoors and some pictures of nature. 

Otherwise those days were spent in all silence while eating too much and exercising not at all. I entertained myself by reading and watching comedy and playing Sims. Some gifts appeared as well though I didn't order anything. A new smaller suitcase which is needed, a gift card to a local vinyl store, money etc.  And I already spent some money on a heart rate monitor because a dad recommended to get that 'cause I exercise quite much these days. As a matter of fact it's quite fascinating to follow the values from the monitor and perhaps that increases motivation though my motivation has been very good recently (knock on wood). 

Hope you all had a nice Xmas and let's see if I have time to write another post until the year changes. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

A new camera + outfit

I arrived at folks by a train today to spend Yule here as usual. A few days here and on Monday I will head back to home because I was asked for coming to work. Here is a day's reduced look:
An old knitting I found in a flea market years ago and that's became one of my favorite garment. 

Yule arrived actually already yesterday when a mailman brought me a gift which I ordered to myself. Those who follow me on Instagram know: A new camera! Canon Eos 6D and a quality zoom lens whittled away my bank account, but it's worth it. I have done a hell of a lot of work this year so I think I have deserved it. At first I thought that I open it at eve, but I wasn't able to keep myself in suspense. Now just need to find time to use it! I also have this crazy dream to get somewhere in the middle of Africa to take pictures about the wild nature. That just requires some arrangements like money and company. Maybe someday. 

What it comes to the spare time, I'm currently watching German language courses and I would like to attend one, but I'm a bit insecure if I have time or energy to go it through. The course begins in January and ends in April and it would take two hours in each week. Not a lot, but then again I have a school and a work and many other hobbies.. and some other plans for the coming year. Let's see. I have attended those courses before and I find them fairly useful to revive the old rusty skills. 

I wish you all happy Xmas now and I escape to eat some goodies and take sauna later today!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Scarlet kisses

Hello! I'm finally on a vacation and I do enjoy these days with no schedule. For once I can be awake through nights with the other half who is so called night owl and drink red wine. What we have done by nights, well we have watched Finnish stand up and checked out also Suicide Squad which I was about to go watch to the cinema, but never did. I liked it though Joker could have been more on show. Jared Leto is one of my favorite actor and he did a good performance once again.  No matter if he has a form of a dying drag queen or a junkie he looks always awesome. The last night I watched Interview with the vampire which I hadn't seen in a long time. 
 Here is an outfit from the other day. One of my favorite dress with some accessories. 
Today I should buy the rest of the gifts. I already was shopping yesterday, but there is still some small things that I need to buy. But before that I visit a gym. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The dress with long sleeves and a tiny collar

A while ago I made the dress which is nice to whirl on during the winter. My wardrobe is filled with the dresses, but most of them are sleeveless or alternatively with the small sleeves. When I started to design this I definitely wanted the long sleeves and that the material is mellow. A hem is longer from the back side and there is the tiny collar which pleases my eyes a lot these days. Again a black and simple ensemble, but this is to my taste and it's easy to change the look by wearing different accessories with it. I visited a fabric store yesterday and there is coming the new dress soon as long as my vacation begins.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Still I can hear your voice albeit you vanished away years ago

Independence day on Tuesday was my only day off this week and I spent it in nothingness by wandering in deep thoughts while trying to look for new paths which to choose. Recently I have found myself quite often in those thoughts it's like standing behind the door and thinking should I knock or not, metaphorically. There are also some thoughts that I would like to drive off from the mind for good. But that would be too easy. Some affairs follow you to the grave like it or not. I should develop my meditation skills. I know that would make good to my brain cells which occur to be lost between days. 

However here is an attire I wore that day. I have a crush on that headpiece though it's granny style. It was the cold day. I was about to take more pictures outdoors, but it didn't tickle me to stay out any longer. 
It's Friday tomorrow and I have only the next week to go and then my vacation begins! 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Pentagram dress from Queen of Darkness

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A package from Germany cheered up my mind the other day and what that kept inside was this lovely black maxi dress with pentagram back. The dress is from Queen of Darkness like the headline tells. I was surprised how well this fits to me because the long dresses or skirts are always as a toss-up due to that I'm quite tall and hems are often too short, but this is perfect. I also like the soft and quality material. It's solid enough and feels good towards the skin. The perfect dress for the next summer!
If you want to see original pictures about the product click here

Thursday, 1 December 2016


 While drinking a morning coffee it's a good moment to share an outfit which I wore the other day. I really like this look which  consisted of a self made piece and second hand items. Upper part is self made and a skirt and bag are flea market findings. Of course I had cardigan on as well because it's been the chilly weather during these days. 
 Top: Diy, Skirt and bag: Flea market, Tights: Seppälä
Recent days I have managed to sew a dress and finished a coat which I did the last spring. Good to have an inspiration back and I have tried to arrange time for sewing and now it's been easier when my other half has been busy with his duties. I've also danced around the pole more as earlier this year which has been awesome. It would be nice to attend the class after forever. Perhaps I try to find time in the spring side. Hard to believe the year comes to its end soon and I should get gifts for Yule, but the mind seems to give zero ideas. My beloved has his 38th birthday at Christmas eve and I would like to give something which surprises. For myself I decided to buy a new camera and lens which takes all my money, but it's worth it ;)