sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017


Time to write the first post of the new year while I'm bouncing back after the last night. The last year was the good year to me at different levels. Nothing special happened, but the life stayed quite stable though naturally some affairs with the gray clouds also appeared, but I'm not going to dive into them here and besides the darker seasons are a part of the life. I grew up as a person and learned much. Especially I'm proud of myself that I managed to maintain my enthusiasm towards a gym. I visit more than a hundred time there and the best decision was to buy a monthly pass to the new gym. Unfortunately I didn't progress with pole dancing, but I try to fix that during this year. 
I like to do some small silent resolutions to myself when the year changes which leads me forward in the life course. This year I try to focus more on the art projects as sewing, designing, drawing and photographing. I would like to visit more art exhibitions and develop my own expression. I want to travel more, work less, and study languages. I want to meet new people and enrich my inner life. Not sure if these are the small things, but they are the facts that I want to pay attention. Every now and then it's good to keep a pause and think about the things which matter.
Hope the year will be good to us all. 

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