keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2017

New self made coat and anniversary

Hello! A short post about a day's look. We have the fourth anniversary with my beloved today and we decided to celebrate it having a lunch together at the restaurant.  I put on a new coat which is self made. I started to design it already the last spring, but finished it some days ago. Sometimes some projects take more time, but this was a conscious choice for who needs the winter overcoat in the summer? Okay to be honest I wouldn't have needed the new coat at all, but the fabric was hanging in the closet and I wanted to have the coat with a hood and asymmetrical hem. I also like that fabric and its texture. 
Coat: Diy, Shoes: K-kenkä, Bag: Flea market
But yes, four years together with the sweetie. This is my longest relationship and four years is the long time.  I appreciate a lot people who live together with the same person from the beginning to the end such as swans. Sometimes it feels that many people are changing their partners all the time after the first flush disappears or there comes the first setback. That kind of life is not for me and I believe those people never find their happiness in the end. Of course if there is some serious problems like violence or the partner is cheating; Then it's better to turn a back, forget and find something better. And yes it's also possible that people just grow apart. But I'm not the right person to judge anyone, I have made several wrong choices myself as for the relationships, but I have never given up too easily. 
However the time has gone so quickly that it feels we just met. I was about to write more about us, but not have energy to write that long story right now. Perhaps I will make a  post later if the inspiration finds me. 

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