torstai 31. elokuuta 2017

Autumn falls

The last day of summer occurred and soon it's faded into the past. To be honest the weather has been quite autumnal for the last week and I can't wait for getting to photograph all the colors the fall offers. The nature runs its course so to speak.  I love the autumn, but I kind of miss the summer too and its warmth and light clothes. This summer was so poor, but let's hope the next is better. 
Recent days I have worn a lot my old fake leather jacket which is lovely. With it I have wrapped a self made hoodie which is quite useful if the rain cloud appears. I'm quite lazy to keep an umbrella in a purse so the hood saves in a tight place like it did today. 
I haven't bought any new clothes recently, but now a small shopping fewer is dwelling in a mind. Perhaps it's due to the fall. A new pair of shoes would also be nice although I promised to myself while carrying the moving boxes that I won't buy more shoes...  but my memory is short in things like that ;D

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