perjantai 25. elokuuta 2017

It's a poncho time!

An attire from Tuesday when I was off and me and my beloved decided to go have burgers to the nearby restaurant. I love this graphic poncho which I purchased a year ago and actually I'm not sure if I have shown it here before. I have the several ponchos nowadays and now it's good time to wear them when a temperature is lower.
My week has included not much else than work and work out at the gym. In addition I started fixing the chair that I told you and it is now painted! The next step is to cover it and then it's done. I do hope that the fabric will settle nicely on it. It can be a bit challenging. 

I've also been looking for the new laptop for me, but there are so many models that it confuses my mind! Macbook would be nice, but expensive and then there is Lenovo Yoga which is fairly tempting due to a touch screen! The main thing is that the machine is powerful enough. My current laptop is not so old, but it's powerless, but I got it free so... Actually I have never bought the computer myself  earlier, this will be the first time. 

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