lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2018

Holy Thursday

The summer got me to whirl and that's why I have spent some silent days here in the blogosphere. I've been enjoying sun bathing outdoors (of course  with some strong sun protection to maintain my pale skins as white as possible) and in additions there has been other more important duties at hand. 

Wave Gotik Treffen is all the time haunting in the mind, but  my mind is still a question mark how to dress this year. I don't stress it so much, but some garments have already lost into the suitcase. Perhaps something quite minimalistic this year or at least I have a strong feeling about it right now. Days run crazily and soon it's time to leave. Exciting.

 This outfit is from Thursday which was a day off and it was a really warm weather. Thus we ended up having a picnic at the park with my beloved. A dress is chiffon short suit which I bought a year ago and it is still my very favorite summer garment. I worn it much over last summer and I have a doubt of my own that I will wear it also this year. Chiffon is perfect material in the summer. It's light and chilly. 
Let's see if I have time to blog before a journey or not, but if not then I will return with festival photos  and news. Hope you all are fine  and I wish you a happy weekend!

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