keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2018

First of May

Our May Day was spent quite tightly indoors due to the rainy weather which didn't tempt to leave the house. I walked through the city yesterday with the umbrella, but otherwise we spent the day indoors by watching among other things Moomins and the Winter wonderland and I poured dry sparkling wine down the throat. Usually the city is packed with the people, but now it was as vivid as the graveyard.  On Monday evening we visited the bar and it was nice to sit at the bar over a few beverage and it was much prettier weather.
My simply outfit and student cap. 
Now I start to target my mind to the Wave Gotik Treffen which is soon here! My mind is still open for the outfits, but perhaps I will figure out something. I have not made anything new this year so I will go with the old robes and imagination. Only two weeks and can't believe that. Last WGT just happened!

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  1. Time has been going by much slower for me, but as WGT has gotten closer I feel it's gone faster and faster! Just one more week until I leave!