lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2018

The last day

This will be the last post of Wave Gotik Treffen and nearly a month has gone since the whole event. I've been slow like a snail, but sometimes duties win and during this week I've been quite exhausted after the work so blogging has not been the priority one. (I have spent my spare time mostly by watching cat videos and now I have a huge wish to have Ragdoll. I realized how lovely they can be by a nature. Their look is not perfectly to my taste, but their nature surely is. Black Ragdoll would be awesome..  Dreaming is good, it keeps me alive.)

Fourth day began in a legendary way. We headed to the park  to meet other Finns. This year there was a lot of people in Finnish meet-up and it was nice to change thoughts and hear what people have done this year. We spent there for a couple of hours until it was time to leave to the hotel and prepare for the evening. (We went to see God Module and Faderhead) 
I was dressed in self made lace dress and some accessories. I like that dress a lot. Lace is heavy and a shape of dress fits me well. 
This year I bought nothing except these two purses. Neither I did a year ago. Of course there would be everything to buy, but it requires money and I want to save my coins to other stuff. And one main reason is also that it feels stupid to buy clothes when I can sew them myself. Mostly I was looking for jewelries, but everything was over expensive so I didn't bother to do any trade. The first year was the year when I shopped more, after that shopping has felt not that important. 
And one outfit and I stop writing about WGT. This long PVC attire I wore during the third night. This is one of my favorite combination and I've worn it many times while visiting festivals. 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Kivoja kasseja. Harkitut ja oikeasti mieluisat ostokset on niin paljon paremmat, kuin jotkin kunnon shoppailuöverit :)

    1. Näinpä, inspiraatiota sieltä kyllä pystyy kätevästi haalimaan ja se ei maksa mitään :)

  2. The corset (?) on your last picture is wonderful! Where's it from?

    I like that you still update about WGT, it's so much fun to read about and to look at your pictures.

    1. I bought it eight years ago from Kate's clothing. Dunno if the shop still exists.

      Thank you :)