sunnuntai 24. kesäkuuta 2018


Midsummer came and vanished and as usual I didn't have any particular plans for it. I just wanted to relax with some tasteful wine without a tight schedule. Of course the rainy weather limited the plans as well. There was arranged Tampere Underground, but  the windy and wet weather kept us indoors. A year ago we visited there and it was the nice event, but perhaps not so pleasant in the rain. 

I poured wine down and we watched Searching for Sugar Man on Friday evening while listening  the rain by the other ear. I haven't watched that documentary before, but I knew that crazy and unbelievable story. 

Yesterday when the city was dead silence I practiced driving a car. Yes. Once again. My skills are so rusty when I drive too seldom these days. We actually made a trip which was quite long around the lake. We drove to eat burgers to the summer restaurant which is located in Ruovesi and  we paid a visit to a summer cottage of  a friend of my beloved's. It was fun to drive after a long time and from now on I try to drive more regular. 

Outfit of a day. I made a hairdo and added flowers which are withering too soon. Now when my real hair is getting longer and I don't use extensions so often anymore it's easier to do different combings and I start liking it! I'm really bad at putting my hair and usually I don't have the patience to do hair art more than that, but today I had time to play with a curler and pins. And speaking of the hair I'm fighting with a thought should I cut a bang back or not.. :')  I love the fringe, but kind of it is nice to be without it as well and now I've managed to grow it pretty well. 
A lace dress is self made. I made it before WGT, but never worn it there. 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Aivan ihana asu ja kampaus! Itse olen kampauksissa ihan onneton. Saan aikaan yleensä vain takkuja ja puutuneet kädet :D

    1. En saa edes ranskanlettiä itselleni aikaiseksi :D Vaatisi varmaan vaan paljon treeniä nuo kampaukset, mutta kun ei vaan motivaatio riitä... Kiitos!

  2. OMG! You are stunning! Your hair looks amazing <3