tiistai 24. heinäkuuta 2018

Lumous Gothic Festival

Lumous gothic festival took its place also in my calendar this year like it has been every summer and hopefully it will be also in the coming years. I had blast and perhaps this was one of the funniest year. Because I was on a vacation I had more energy to celebrate and stay up later which was rewarding. Usually I'm forced to wake up early due to the work and naturally that affect my life constantly on the weekends as well. Sometimes it's more as annoying to be a dead tired when the time hits ten and  be more as ready to occupy a bed.. 

On Friday was a bit boring when it comes to live shows, but it didn't bother when the nigh was good otherwise. Metallspürhunde was okay, but other bands didn't taste. Saturday was much better regarding the music and all shows were to my taste, but the best one was definitely Auger. Most people seemed to be out of the bands and so was I. Metallspürhunde was the only one which was somehow familiar to me. 
I had really simple outfits this year and perhaps this heatwave was one reason for it. Chiffon top felt ideal and I was actually very happy with this look. Horn are new and I made them recently and I like them a lot! I have lost my old horns so I had to craft new ones and these are much better. And no one has similar. I'm waiting for next event where I could wear these.. 
I forgot to take a picture of Saturday's outfit, but I was wearing almost same accessories except I had black strapless narrow dress on which I have shown here several times. Nothing so splashy, but something quite comfort. I didn't capture many pictures this year. I was lazy and left my camera home because it's so damn heavy to keep it with (a curse of a quality system camera). Instead of taking the pictures I wanted to focus on having a great festival. 

This year I also had a chance to attend the End party and it was a lot of fun, but that something you cannot understand without attending, and there is a rule that everything you see will stay inside the walls ;) However it was so warm weather that after End we decided to go swimming... it was nearly morning and the sun was coming up and I was quite much drunk. What would be the better idea than go swimming in the middle of the city in drunk without the clothes? ;D

4 kommenttia:

  1. Those horns look out of this world, litteraly. Like from a dark fairytale. What material have you used? I love your boots, wich brand are they?
    I think your ending of the night is fabulous :-D

    1. I used hot glue, foil, paper and spray at this time. Boots are from Pennangalan, but the company exist no longer which is a big shawl because the shoes are much better and stylish as for instance Demonia shoes..

      My night was so wonderful <3