tiistai 3. heinäkuuta 2018


Finally it started my three-week long vacation and I have a bunch of plans which I try to bring about as much as I can. Last summer vacation failed completely so now I try to take it back. So far it's been quite erratic weather which is a bit shawl because I would enjoy to spend time on the beach.

For the first I considered to travel overseas, but I didn't book the journey in time and now the prices have increased so much that I don't have a heart to book anymore. Perhaps I try to do a trip later and take a longer weekend off. Now I have a plan to travel in Finland and visit Eastern Finland and perhaps Tallinn. 
 An outfit from Saturday. This mini dress, which is cute, is a finding from H&M. I bought it last year and I do like it in all its simplicity.
 Daisies are wonderful flowers. Every year I like to admire them through a lens. 
I came to visit the folks after a long time and I've spent a lot of time with the camera. And of course cats are also entertained me. 
Dress: H&M, Necklace: from WGT
A short post, but I wanted to come to say hi and that I'm still alive!

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