sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2019

My dreams are getting darker and darker

Hello after a long break which wasn't my intention at all, but seemingly time is running recklessly and these days just turn to another and to another. I can't even say that I would have been too busy to blog, but always there has been something else to do perhaps more important or I've been just floating in laziness. People who are following me on Instagram probably know that I've also been on a journey which was definitely a lovely adventure, but I'll come to that later. This will be just a short post and wanted to say that I'm still alive and everything is well. 
 Yule and New Year went well and quickly. I spent time at folk's place by floating on hot tub which was absolutely magnificent and relaxing especially when the weather was beautiful. I also got some nice presents like a backbag and a smartwatch and both have been in use a lot. I didn't like before the backbags, but now I somehow wanted to have so called "fox bag" because I thought it would be useful while wandering in the woods and it is! I've even started to wear it everyday when it's so useful and comfy. 
For the last six days I've been under the flu, but now this battle seems to be over and I have energy to live again. Good thing is that the flu came now not when I was on the journey. But I will try to return to it soon. Now it's a lullaby time and  the new week is haunting behind the corner!

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