lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2018

Winter solstice

The darkest day of the year is here, but if I watch through a window it doesn't look that gloomy because of the snow cover which increases the light. But of course the day is short and the darkness embraces us here in the north. I'm truly happy that we got the snow for the Yule. The white landscape creates the better atmosphere. 

I'm off for the next five days which is purely awesome. It's swell to have a job with regular working hours and if I'm honest that is the main reason why I'm still working in the same old place. I've considered little changes, but I will leave those thoughts waiting for the coming year. The mind just yearns something new and there is also some other reasons behind the scene. 
 These outfit pictures were taken a few weeks back during Imarta visit. I was wearing an asymmetrical vest with the black dress. Quite typical attire. I feel that my style is pretty boring these days when I wear almost always simple black clothes even at the party (Perhaps that is the reason why I'm not taking the outfit pictures that often anymore and also that it's hard to find time for them). I should also update the wardrobe and move all those pieces into the recycling box which I don't wear anymore. 
I traveled to the folks today where I'm gonna spend Yule like always. A few books with (actually I have many books which I'm currently reading) and I also took pencils with me if inspiration for drawing occurs. Traditional Xmas so to speak including reading, books, hot tub (!), perhaps Netflix and photographing. Well yes, the hot tub is awesome and I'm gonna go there right away. 

This month has gone so quickly and I've been on the road all weekends that I haven't had much time to think of Yule. Today I started the day by watching Santa Claus and the Magic Drum which was one of my favorite Christmas film as a kid with Snowman animation. 

I wish you all happy Yuletide!

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  1. Mua ei kyllä ollenkaan haittaa nämä yksinkertaisemmatkin mustat asukuvat! Niistäkin saa hyvin inspiraatiota ja näissäkin kuvissa asu muodostaa taustan kanssa kivan tunnelman. Itsellänikin on suurin osa asuista nykyään pelkkää yksinkertaista mustaa ja paljon on päätynyt kirpparille myyntiin etenkin niitä goottibrändien vaatteita, joissa on runsaasti erilaisia yksityiskohtia. Olisi kiva löytää niiden tilalle ehkä muutama vaate, joissa olisi jokin juju mutta ei liikaa sälää.

    Hyvää joulua! :)