Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Goth day

I love this poncho which I bought last week! Actually we both did so with my beloved. Now we have the similar costumes; things are fine as long as we don't have similar wind suits...

I have done packing all day long and now everything looks good except I  because I'm nearly sleepwalker. Tomorrow is my last day here and on Thursday I leave for towards the new life! The feeling is sad and happy ( and a bit surreal) at the same time. I'm gonna miss my friends but I can always come to visit and probably I will come this day month. Now is the time to go bed and see some beautiful dreams. I probably have a long day tomorrow when I try to see my friends and there is still some paper works to do.

I wish you a great goth day!


  1. Tosi nätti vaate! Mistä tollasia saa, mäkin voisin olla teidän kanssa samis? ;P

    1. hih, näitä saa Gina Tricotista :>

    2. Hommasin oman ja postasin siitä kuvan, linkitin myös takaisin sun blogiin. Kiitos vinkistä! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It really is! I think I'm gonna wear this a lot!