tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014


The second day started and we drifted across the sea towards Djurgarden by a ferry. We decided to buy a day ticket for a public transport because it's the easiest way to move fast from a place a to the place b. Unfortunately we didn't have much time because a day is so short time. I would have liked to peek into many second hand stores, but the next time then. 

We spent a few hours by walking around Skanssen. Skanssen is the open-air museum which includes many wild animals and breaths of the history. It's situated quite close to the city center so it's easy to find. I hadn't been there before so the place was worth visiting. 
 Friday's outfit
 We walked along the streets of Gamlastad. Gamlastad is really beautiful borough. Buildings fascinates me a lot and also those small boutiques. I ended up taking a plenty of pictures of architecture as usually. Why there can't be this kind of place in Finland?!
 A lonely walker brings to my mind remotely Jack the Ripper.  Lovely old narrow path.  I love those windows and lanterns. 
 A bunch of raccoons were posing us. They were so cute that I would have liked to take one to home.

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  1. Kaikella rakkaudella, ne eivät ole pesukarhuja vaan kissamakeja... :D