sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

The Sims 4 and day's outfit

I try to write a few words up in spite of that my hands are still shaking having pole danced today quite diligently. I have danced regularly now during the last weeks and it feels that muscles are grown up.  Perhaps I could make a post about pole dancing in the near future. 
 Dress: Second hand / Shoes: Second hand 
 Yesterday I got an idea that I have to get the new Sims 4 which was published a few days ago. So I headed to the nearest store and here we go. At first I suspected that my current laptop doesn't run this game because I've had problems with the previous version, but I checked out the requirements and I decided to take a risk. A result was positive, this game works much better as the Sims 3. It doesn't draggle or twitch at all and everything goes smoothly. Otherwise this game is a bit disappointment at least so far (Note that I've played this only a couple of hours so far so I don't know this game good enough yet) Somehow it feels that the game has taken steps backwards for there is missing some vital affairs like swimming pool and babies. In additions you can't change your Sims' age except choosing "short, normal, long"-life. In previous version it was possible to choose how many days your character will live. Editing neighborhood seems to be much poorer aswell. A good affair is multitasking. The sim can perform more than one task at the same time. Cars seems to be missing too and if you want to walk to the next door to knock, it will load up so there isn't the open word anymore. Expansions probably include these missing elements, but I wouldn't like to put money on them. To sum up: I waited more.

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  1. I love your dress !
    Saskia! xo

    1. I need to admit it's lovely, I wish it was my own design ;P

  2. Definitely post about your pole dancing exercises! I'm surprised you haven't already. it's very interesting. I'd like to know more about it. There's nothing like that around where I live :(

  3. Rakkausrakkaus<3 mä tuun vaa kommentoimaan sun joka postaukseen mut mitäs oot nii sietämättömän ihana tyyli-inspis! <3