Friday, 31 July 2015

Little things

I have a few days off now so I came for a short one day visit to my folks and what else I can do here in the boondocks as photograph the  little things around me. Unfortunately it has been fairly cold, wet and windy weather so I didn't manage to take pictures much as I thought. But here are some of them, enjoy:

Day's attire consists of Queen of Darkness' poncho and Vagabond's heels. 
Kind of I enjoy this weather. It feels almost an autumn already now even if it's the last of July. I don't count August for the fall I think it's more summer month even though the schools open their doors and many people finish their vacations. For me July was quite busy month and it flew in the speed of light. I didn't have the time for wasting when the schedule led me as the roller coaster. I hope the next month is more peaceful and I could focus more on the things I enjoy. 

Now it's the time to load a bag into the car and leave for home. Happy weekend to  you all!


  1. Tosi kauniita kuvia! Sulla on kuule silmää ^^

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing :) Rommie