Sunday, 12 July 2015

An outfit for Gothnic

Last Sunday was the last day of Lumous and I decided to go to the picnic which is also called 'gothnic'  to the nearby park. The end club of the whole festival was arranged in the evening, but I had to pass them due to the early morning.  Fortunately the weather was good so we had a nice picnic at the park. I guess, I dwelled on there for a few hours until I continued the evening with my beloved. 

I wore my self made lace dress with a hat, boots, fishnets and new bag.
Dress: Diy, Necklace: Etsy, Shoes: Vagabond, Bag: WGT, Ring: Etsy, Bracelet: Queen of Darkness
I hadn't any plans for this weekend and it feels good. I have had quite busy days recently so I can't hope anything else, but time for myself. I visited a library on Thursday evening and I borrowed a bunch of books as Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to AL Jourgensen which I've read once before when it was published a few years back. In addition I've been listening to the music out loud and I did also pole dance in a long time. It's a shame, I don't have time to train more nowadays. I would like to train at least two times per week, but now I've trained once in a month :< 

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