Thursday, 16 July 2015

From dusk to dawn

One week is soon done and only Friday is left and then I'm off which is more as welcome. I had Friday feeling already today, but for my disappointment it's Thursday. A week has been quite hectic and I've been bubbling happiness and my head has been over the clouds on account of changes that are coming in the near future. Not more about them, an insinuation is wonderfully annoying ;)

I was about to travel to my birthplace tomorrow, but things changed and the weekend goes in Tampere. Well it's the time of Tammerfest so perhaps I go to see some gigs and to be honest I have a million things to do. 

 Here is an outfit which I wore while visiting  dark market at Lumous. It was a warm day and the heat caressed us. There has no been many days this summer that I would have been able to wear a top or light clothes. The weather has been so damn cold so there is no use for summer clothes. Lumous weekend was an exception. 
I wish you all have a nice weekend there 


  1. love the details such as the garther belin your outfit ^^

  2. You look great. Ass always :)

  3. Waw. Your Ankh necklace is really cool :)
    The outfit is stunning :)

    1. Yeah, I like it too! Thank you :)

  4. I want to look like you ;_;
    Best style inspiration <3

  5. So beautiful! your hair reminds me of Patricia Morrison quite a bit :)