Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Rime paints the scenery

Cold days follow up another and at least it delights me. Decent winter is welcome when the last year it passed us. What it means in dressing is layering a keyword these days and fortunately I've found some neat cardigans that are easy to undress when coming indoors. One of my favorite winter garment is also a fake fur vest which I bought three years ago. It's so cute and fluffy that I'm real happy that I purchased it. Genuine fur I would never wear, but synthetical is swell material to cheers up the look. Here is my Saturday's outfit:
On Friday evening I was shopping and I wanted to buy some new garments because I thought I haven't bought anything in a long time. There was just that random teasing feeling that I want to get something new although there was only need for tights.  I ended up finding a striped dress, hat, ordinary black top, tights and stocking cap. Both headpieces are wine red and I really love that color. Now I try to keep strike because there is coming a trip to Germany and I'm sure I will find something from there. 


  1. I really like your boots! The outfit is also really cute

  2. I love that fur! The outfit is adorable! <3


  3. Definitely take some warm clothes with you, maybe not as cold as in your area but gosh it got cold here in Germany XD Have to agree on fake fur vests, those are perfect - and you paired them well!

  4. Love the fur darling!
    You can enter my giveaway, if you like :)