Monday, 4 January 2016

What we do in the shadows?

To me New Year's eve was a bit peculiar this year for the reason that I was working till 12.30 am and when I got off I headed right away to the bar Amadeus where I spent the night till the bar was closed. Not a bad way to change year although a part of the night went by working. And for once I was able to stay at the bar till it was closed! 

The new year has started well. I have been at work and at gym and that's almost all what I have done so far. Studies started today and I'm already waiting for the next vacation to come. Eight weeks to go!

Here are outfit pictures which were taken a week ago. I wore my old coat which is from H&M, Vagabond's shoes and a hat. That coat has a perfect cutting, I really like the model and I'm happy that I bought it years ago. I wish I had done it myself!

On New Year's first day we headed to the cinema to watch What We Do In The Shadows and that was a hilarious film about Vampires. Some may think vampire movies start to be a quite worn subject, but this film has its potential to be something different. For a start it's comedy and it's kind of a documentary where vampires (who are each other's flatmates) tell about their daily life like how annoying it can be if you have a nagging flatmate who doesn't wash his bloody dishes than once every five years. I don't want to reveal more, but I recommend to give it a try. The film was published already in 2014 so I wonder why it was shown not until now here at our cinema. 

And I don't want to forget my resolutions I made. I checked out my last resolutions from my blog and there was mentioned my own clothing collection and intention to visit gym regularly and what else. Well I didn't manage to do my own collection because there came some variables, but I visited gym quite well. This year I try to take new tattoos and travel. Have you made any resolutions?


  1. You look so great
    Happy 2016 😄

  2. I love your bag and coat they look stunninglying amazing, I love H&M the produce some excellent pieces.

    I recently have seen what We do in the Shadows it had me laughing from start to finish it's such a fun film and offers a new twist to the vampire genre.

    1. I would like to re-watch it soon ^^ thank you :)

  3. Happy new year! i saw the movie last year, it´s really cool :)

  4. I always take the time around Silvester and the first month of the year to reflect on the last year and build up my (hopeful) outlook on the coming year. I do so using these questions by Anuschka, a minimalist fashion blogger from Berlin:
    These questions are an incredibly helpful little tool to help me keep focused.
    I wasn't able to fulfill my last year's no.1 point, taking a qualification test so good I score enough to get into the educational course, but as it's my top achievement this year again, I've already started.