Sunday, 17 January 2016

She was rounded around the celluloid

A short weekend greetings. I was about to do a decent post during the weekend, but somehow the time disappeared in an hourglass and I see it's Sunday evening again. 
 My weekend has gone with the movies, in the gym, by pole dancing and sewing. Me and my love went to see Star Wars on Friday evening and we both liked it. I've already managed to visit the cinema three times this year and there is only a half of the month gone so far. Pretty good achievement and there is many interesting films coming out soon like The Revenant, The boy, The Jungle Book and Alice Through the Looking Glass to mention a few. Last night I finally checked out The Wolf of Wall street which I've been about to watch for ages, but there is always a big step to start watching a film which takes three hours. However I can always trust that DiCaprio makes the good movies.


  1. Whoa - your eyes! What a marvellous colour! It's such a blue, it's almost turning into teal!