Monday, 21 March 2016

Happy Lights

 Finally I got them! The snow ball lights which be also known as Happy Lights. I've been admiring them for ages, but not until now I had the heart to buy them into my home. I love the shape of globe and these fit well into my decor. Besides they look good even as switched off. I bought the wire and balls separately to get the black and white combination. 

A big decor fly has inhabited my soul and I've got one thing and another into my home. I ordered a new carpet and it should come during a week. In addition I bought three new decor pillows and there is a list in my mind what else I would like to have ;) Mostly textiles and beautiful framed pictures onto the walls. A black crow and a few deer skulls more would also be more as welcome. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I really enjoy it myself although it changes all the time and a lot is still missing :D

  2. Ihania nuo Happy Lightsit, vähän kuin pieniä lankakeriä. Kotisi näyttää todella tunnelmalliselta! ^^

    1. Kiitos :) Tykkään itse noista palloista erittäin paljon.