Thursday, 17 March 2016

Outfit + Gigs + Make up

Hello! I've tried to keep my wallet tightly closed, but with no luck in that field. If I don't buy new clothes then I spend my money on make up or decor products even though I should save for the summer and coming journeys. Recently I placed an order to Punanaamio to get false lashes and some foundation and lipstick. I finally found a perfect dark red lipstick from Grimas which I've hunted for long time. In addition I bought City Color's contour palette from Ebay after hearing many recommendations about it.
Day's outfit
Pullover: Second hand, Bag: Second hand, Shoes: Second hand, Scarf: Second hand

Last weekend was hectic. I was working and went to see gigs of Hintit, Nykyaika and Nyrkkitappelu and the next morning I needed to be at work at six in the morning. Not the first time when I go to the work after minimal sleeping, but I survived well which is essential. Gigs were great and worth seeing. Tomorrow I go see Maj Karma and can't wait for that. In addition I also went to ice skating the last Sunday for the first time after years. It was awesome though ankles were about to die at first. The next winter I try to skate more when there is the ice skating field around the corner.