Tuesday, 1 March 2016


February turned to March and the summer is closer a day by day. I enjoy the winter time, but I'm also happy that the light is increasing and the days get longer. I counted today that there is only nine weeks left until my summer vacation begins. It's nothing and goes fast and a journey to Wave gotik treffen comes also then. Can't believe that the time has flown this quickly. The last summer just faded and now the next one is already behind the corner. 
 My yesterday's look. I found that headpiece while re-organizing goodies at home the other day. I bought it years ago at a good price when I still owned dreads and I was totally forget that I have it. 
It was a really beautiful mist yesterday in the morning, but unfortunately it succeeded to disappear before I got myself out. I took a few shots through a window and went to drink a cup of coffee to downstairs and it was gone. I have done a lot of photography for these two days. 

Hope the new week has started well in you all !