Monday, 4 April 2016

A girl in the shadows

I decided today that the summer begins now and so I put on the false leather jacket which is one of my favorite coats. I'm so bored with wearing the heavy winter overcoats after a long term that I could put them on somewhere where the sun doesn't shine (to the basement). With the jacket I wore a second hand pencil skirt and new shoes from Vagabond. I was lucky once again to bumped into the shoes with a proper discount. I paid only a half of the original price. 

Thanks to my beloved who took a few pictures of me today in front of Vastavirta when we went to pick up their instruments which was left there after yesterday's gig. About that gig, it was a small disaster. Ambulance visited twice 'case the singer hit her head while coming down from the table after being nudged by a guitarist and ended up visiting the hospital in the end. At least they managed to create  an immemorial show. 
Jacket: Lindex, Bag and skirt: flea market, Shoes: Vagabond


  1. I absolutely love the shoes!

  2. Ugh sorry for the emergency stuff at the gig but well, you look great :-)