perjantai 22. huhtikuuta 2016

The Horns

So I ended up crafting the horns the last weekend when I had a day off. I got the idea a year ago at Wave Gotik Treffen when I saw some pretty cool horns and it feels that everyone there was wearing them. I nearly bought one pair too, but then they were sold out when I returned to looking for them. I remember saying that I will never get horns because I didn't like them at all at first, but here I'm. This is so typical to me that for a start I can't stand something and then my mind makes a U-turn and there I go...

I'm not going to do any tutorial about how to do these because I think web is filled with them and you can always use your own imagination what I did, but I can tell you what I used: hairband, aluminium foil, clingfilm, black spray and hot glue. Quite cheap and simple way to do your own horns. I needed to buy only the hairband, everything else I had already.  Of course the real deer horns would be even better looking as these, but perhaps these go better together with my outfit. Let's see if I wear these at WGT this yeas ;) (and talking about WGT and outfits I have a huge panic because I don't have anything to put on and there is only a few weeks left and I don't have the time to sew anything!!!)
What do you think of the horns? Yes or No?

Ps. My boyfriend didn't understand this "horn thing" at all and my ex-boyfriend asked am I going to attend some Christmas spectacle in coming Yule...

6 kommenttia:

  1. Muistan kyllä kun kerroit joskus että et tajua sarvia. :'D Mutta tottakai mieli muuttuu joskus, semmosta se on.. Etköhän keksi jotain hienoo sinne WGT:hen, sitten paljon kuvia! :>

    1. Niinpä :D Toisin en niitä kaikkia vieläkään pidä niin hienoina ;D Kuvia varmaan tulee, just tyhjensin muistia puhelimesta, jotta mahtuu ;)

  2. Nuo kruunaavat varmasti hyvin asukokonaisuuden WGT:ssä! Minäkin olen samanlainen, että usein trendi-ilmiöiden sulattamiseen menee monta kuukautta aikaa ennen kuin niistä itse innostuu. Sarvia en ole tullut testanneeksi, kun tulee nykyään niin vähän käytyä missään tapahtumissa.

  3. I think you made them totally awesome :) Definitely a yes!